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Jaguar SS100

1935 Jaguar SS100 Replica Build

A regular client and passionate Jaguar enthusiast asked us to build this exact replica using a base kit from Suffolk Jaguar in the U.K. www.suffolkjaguar.com

This project was an exciting one that presented a wide range of challenges. Having found a suitable donor car in the form of a 1977 Jaguar XJ6 no time was wasted in harvesting the components we needed. These included the engine, front and rear brake calipers, front and rear suspension, steering rack, wiper system and seat runners.

The engine was seized and required complete overhaul. After all machining was complete the rotating mass was balanced. This comprised of crankshaft, front pulley, flywheel, clutch and connecting rods. The cylinder head received all new valves and guides and cam follower guide hold down plates, an important upgrade for these engines.

With all major components installed on the frame the most challenging job was next fitting the body.

A trial fitting was first to be completed with custom made shims used to align and adjust door gaps. This took great patience to get just right. We found our two post hoists invaluable as we were able to lower the body onto the rolling chassis taking care at the bulkhead where room is tight.

As this was the first Suffolk SS100 to be built in Canada a great feeling of pride grew as the car gradually took shape. While the body received its gleaming black paintwork skillfully applied by Derik Ronkainen of Shady Mile Restorations of Nanaimo, the main wiring harness was installed. At our clients request heat shields were custom made by us and fitted above the main mufflers to minimize heat inside the car. Also additional wiring was installed to allow manual control of the turbine radiator cooling fan.

Having finally mounted the superb looking body, all lights, radiator chrome grille and windshield were fitted. A nice vintage accessory was period correct Aero Screens which came into use when the main windshield was folded. This allows for greater aero dynamic efficiency and therefore higher speeds.

Suffolk Jaguar confirmed the vintage looking “Blockley” tires were rated for over 120 miles per hour.

The first road test was both exciting and very rewarding. The car drove smoothly and the gearing of 3:33:1 rear axle combined with Jaguar 4-speed gearbox and compact overdrive proved ideal in town driving but on the highway came into its’ own. Having worked on a real SS100 in the UK it was very interesting to notice the improved ride quality and steering precision given by the modern features of the Suffolk Jaguar product. A 600+ assembly hour project was completed and delivered in time for the Jaguars On The Island (JOTI) 2011 Concours d’Elegance in Oak Bay organised by The Jaguar Club of Victoria. After scrutinizing the car the judges awarded a 100 point perfect score.

*** more photos coming soon ***

NOTE: The articles “Bringing a Legend to Life” are as they appeared in The Growler Newsletter of The Jaguar Car Club of Victoria. www.jaguarcarclubofvictoria.wildapricot.org

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